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‘MALAX’ Pneumatic Tools – For Assembly:
Quick Change Couplers and Other Fittings
Working Pressure 15 kgf / cm²
Maximum Pressure 20 kgf / cm²
Temperature Range - 20°c ~ +80 °c
    Size 1/4" (20 Type)
3/8" (30 Type)
1/2" (40 Type)
                  1.   Pneumatic Tools
                  2.   Air Piping
                  3.   Air pressure equipment

                  1.  One - way automatic shut - off valve in the socket.
                  2. Wide variety provides best choice accordingly to application

    The couplers and fittings meet NFPA/T3.20.14-1989 (R2004) standard. We have complete product range of quick coupler and fitting. Quick couplers could be applied for pneumatic tools, air piping and air pressure equipment. The couplers are tested 100,000 times of durability.  

     (1)   Nitto Type – Standard (two touch), High Flow, One Touch, Stainless.

    (2)   USA Type – Universal / Milton (Industrial) / Tru-Flate (Automotive) / ARO / Schrader

    (3)   European Type – Universal type fits for the most popular interchanges including ORION, MILTON and ARO

    (4)   Multi coupler / manifold

    We have high volume air flow manifold which maximum pressure is up to 20kgf/ cm². Manifold is suitable for working station which require more than one distribution from a single air source. This is an option for assemble various types of quick couplers.