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Timbermate Wood Filler
Timbermate Water Based Wood Filler
Timbermate:  There is no other product like it and  there is no other product better.

Do you want a wood-filler that easily stains and accepts finishes?  Are you looking for a wood-filler that that stands up to seasonal climate changes?  Does your wood-filler meet your highest professional standards?  Then look no further.  Timbermate is the wood-filler you’ve been searching for.

Timbermate is more than an interior-grade woodfiller.  With Timbermate you can also renew damaged wood, cover holes in the walls—even repair cracks in concrete!  Plus, because Timbermate is water-based, it does not shrink, sink, crack, or fall out.  And if it dries out just add water, so there’s no waste.

  Features & Benefits:

  Easy Preparation – With Timbermate, just stir, add water if needed, and you’re ready to begin.

  Multiple Uses
 – Timbermate is versatile and may be used for all interior repairs, including repairing edges,      trowel and grain filling, and spot patching. 

  Fast Drying – Because Timbermate is water-based it takes no time at all to dry.  In fact, you can speed up the      drying process using a heat gun or an everyday hair dryer.

  No Waste – There’s no waste when using Timbermate.  When you’re done with your repair, just scoop up      any leftover dust/filler and put it back in the Timbermate bucket.  When the leftover dusk hardens, you can      soften it by adding water. 

  Doesn’t Harm Wood – Timbermate protects wood; it doesn’t harm it.  You can rest assured that Timbermate     won’t destroy the grain of your wood.

  Takes Any Known Finish Coat – Timbermate accepts many finishes including waxes, oils, water-based, and      moisture-cure.

  Strong, Reliable, and Dependable – Timbermate doesn’t just look like wood—it acts like wood, too.  You can     drill, nail, and even saw through it.

  Freeze-Thaw stableIf Timbermate freezes, just add hot water or put in a Microwave for 30 seconds at a      time until it softens.  You can leave Timbermate on your truck.


Timbermate Colors: