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Timbermate Wood Filler
Earl`s Powder Putty

Earl’s Powder Putty is a low cost filler with a high quality finish. It won’t crack and fills to any depth.

    Trusted Supplier of Earl Putty Powder

bullate   Earl's Powder Putty Interior filler and Earl's Powder Putty Exterior Filler.

bullate   Earl's Powder Putty can be used for interior as well as for the exterior filler use.

bullate   Easy to use, mix enough as per your needs. Setting will start within 30 minutes.

bullate   Before applying paint or coating wait for 24 hours.

Bullate   Earl's Powder Putty is very low cost filler with high quality finish.

bullate   It does not give any harm once you fill to any depth.

bullate   Earl's Powder Putty is weather proof but not water proof.

bullate   Earl's Powder Putty is non-toxic.

bullate   100% Australian made and owned.

bullate    Earl`s powder putty is the perfect filler for interior or exterior surface such as wood, plasterboard and cement, etc. It's           ideally used to repairs to woodwork, walls, architectural and timber.