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Extension Sockets

Extension Sockets

We have established ourselves as an extension socket supplier and extension socket set manufacturer. Our products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. So, if you are looking to any buy electrical accessories at wholesale price, contact us today.


  • Durable
  • Fine finish
  • Corrosion-resistance
3/8″ Sq. Drive
Stock No.A/F (mm)Bolt Clearance Depth (mm)O.A.L. (mm)
MGIES 108S814100
MGIES 108L814150
MGIES 108X814200
MGIES 108XL814250
MGIES 110S1016100
MGIES 110L1016150
MGIES 110X1016200
MGIES 110XL1016250
MGIES 112S1218100
MGIES 112L1218150
MGIES 112X1218200
MGIES 112XL1218250
MGIES 114S1420100
MGIES 114L1420150
MGIES 114X1420200
MGIES 114XL1420250
1/2″ Sq. Drive
Stock No.A/F (mm)Bolt Clearance Depth (mm)O.A.L. (mm)
MGIES 210S1016100
MGIES 210L1016150
MGIES 210X1016200
MGIES 210XL1016250
MGIES 212S1218100
MGIES 212L1218150
MGIES 212X1218200
MGIES 212XL1218250
MGIES 214S1420100
MGIES 214L1420150
MGIES 214X1420200
MGIES 214XL1420250
MGIES 217S1722100
MGIES 217L1722150
MGIES 217X1722200
MGIES 217LX1722250
MGIES 219S1924100
MGIES 219L1924150
MGIES 219X1924200
MGIES 219XL1924250
MGIES 222S2225100
MGIES 222L2225150
MGIES 222X2225200
MGIES 222XL2225250
MGIES 224S2425100
MGIES 224X2425150
MGIES 224L2425200
MGIES 224XL2425250